Windows 10 Home OEM – Activation by Phone

✅ This license is registered on the motherboard of the installed computer.
✅ It cannot be installed on another computer.
✅ Even if the format is discarded, the license is automatically activated because it is recorded on the motherboard.
✅ To install on another computer, you must purchase a new license key.
✅ You can use the product key on 32 Bit / 64 Bit Windows 10 Pro operating systems.



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Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM – Activation by Phone

Windows 10 Home is an operating system that transforms your personal computer into a more efficient, secure, and enjoyable experience. The latest version of Windows, Windows 10 Home, offers many innovative features and provides users with a wide range of applications and entertainment options. This special OEM version offers a more affordable option that can be activated via phone.

Features of Windows 10 Home – OEM (Phone Activation):

  1. Security: Windows 10 Home protects your computer against threats with the latest security updates and antivirus protection. Windows Defender, an integrated antivirus program, keeps you safe from malicious software.
  2. Performance: With fast startup, efficient processor usage, and enhanced multitasking capabilities, your computer runs more efficiently.
  3. Accessibility: Windows 10 was developed with all users in mind, offering screen readers, easy-access options, and more for a user-friendly experience.
  4. App Store: Windows 10’s App Store provides easy access to thousands of apps and games. You can choose from both free and paid applications.
  5. Updates and Support: Windows 10 Home provides access to Microsoft’s latest updates and support services. You can use automatic updates to keep your system current.
  6. Cortana Support: Windows 10’s virtual assistant, Cortana, helps you use your computer more efficiently.

Why Use Windows 10 Home OEM (Phone Activation)?

The Windows 10 Home OEM version offers an affordable option that can be quickly activated via phone. This advantage reduces licensing costs and facilitates a fast installation process. Additionally, you get all the essential features that Windows 10 Home offers, making your personal computer more efficient.

Enhance your computer with Windows 10 Home – OEM (Phone Activation) to make it more secure, faster, and more efficient. Maximize your Windows experience with innovative features, applications, and updates.

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